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Bioretention systems, biofilters, rain gardens, dry swales, compost amended grass swales, and many other variations of a semi-natural stormwater filter all serve to clean stormwater before it enters our streams. We specialize in proper installation of these systems - the right materials in the right arrangement at the right time - to make sure the system works as designed.

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Underground Detention and Cisterns

With over 400,000 cubic feet of underground detention installed, Exact Stormwater Management is your go-to partner to ensure proper installation of your detention system. We make sure the system is installed correctly, and can help navigate around common pitfalls. Arched chamber systems installed: ADS StormTech and Cultec Recharger. Tank systems installed: ACF R-Tank, RainTank, Brentwood StormTank

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HydroTurf is an artificial turf filled with HydroBinder (similar to a dry concrete mix) and then hydrated to provide a pleasant appearance while handling huge stormwater flows. Exact Stormwater Management is a trained installer, and travels around the country for installations. Jobs completed in 2018 range from Las Vegas, to Louisiana, Atlanta, and North Carolina.

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Sewing / High Strength Geotextiles

Exact Stormwater Management has developed a process for sewing high strength geotextiles unlike any other in the industry. Our process significantly increases daily production while ensuring excellent seam strength. We provide third-party destructive seam testing as per ASTM D4884 requirements with one test every 10,000 square yards.

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Flexamat, Armormax, Geoweb, T-RECS

Specialty slope and channel protection materials installed. Landfill downchutes and dam protection. Large projects pictured here are in Birmingham, Alabama and Brevard County, Florida. Recommended by product manufacturer’s across the country, we travel the Southeast and beyond to get the job done.

Stonewall Center Case Study

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Lake Liners, Geomembrane Liners, Secondary Containment Liners

We install many types of impermeable liners in the Southeast. Lake liners are typically 30 mil PVC, but we also install HDPE, LDPE, XR-5, and many other types of liner for the best fit for your application. With personnel in the liner business since 1992, we are the go-to company for liner installations.