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Bioretention systems, biofilters, rain gardens, dry swales, compost amended grass swales, and many other variations of a semi-natural stormwater filter all serve to clean stormwater before it enters our streams. We specialize in proper installation of these systems - the right materials in the right arrangement at the right time - to make sure the system works as designed.

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Underground Detention and Cisterns

With over 400,000 cubic feet of underground detention installed, Exact Stormwater Management is your go-to partner to ensure proper installation of your detention system. We make sure the system is installed correctly, and can help navigate around common pitfalls. Arched chamber systems installed: ADS StormTech and Cultec Recharger. Tank systems installed: ACF R-Tank, RainTank, Brentwood StormTank

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HydroTurf is an artificial turf filled with HydroBinder (similar to a dry concrete mix) and then hydrated to provide a pleasant appearance while handling huge stormwater flows. Exact Stormwater Management is a trained installer, and travels around the country for installations. Jobs completed in 2018 range from Las Vegas, to Louisiana, Atlanta, and North Carolina.

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Sewing / High Strength Geotextiles

Exact Stormwater Management has developed a process for sewing high strength geotextiles unlike any other in the industry. Our process significantly increases daily production while ensuring excellent seam strength. We provide third-party destructive seam testing as per ASTM D4884 requirements with one test every 10,000 square yards.

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HydroTurf, Flexamat, Armormax, Geoweb, T-RECS

Specialty slope and channel protection materials installed. Landfill downchutes and dam protection.