EXACT Stormwater Management was born in January 2013 under the direction of Sean Simonpietri.  After 20-years working in the Construction Industry, Sean set out to use his experience to work in the stormwater industry.

Involved in many aspects of stormwater, we specialize in products (Hydroguard and Perk Filter), Maintenance & Installation of many stormwater BMPs, and testing & forensic consulting.  See our overview brochure for more information.

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what we do

  • Bring innovative, effective, and economic stormwater technology to the region.
  • Assist engineers with stormwater designs that drive down costs for their clients and meet regulatory requirements.



  • Help contractors meet specifications and project intent by supplying quality stormwater products at less cost.
  • Facilitate property owners/managers and regulators by ensuring long-term functionality of stormwater BMP’s.

how we do it

  • Supply innovative stormwater BMP’s (separators & filters) according to specification or as a value engineered alternate.
  • Install stormwater BMP’s –proprietary and non-proprietary, bioretention, trash screens, etc.
  • Maintain and Inspect stormwater BMP’s: underground and at-grade (DEQ certified)
  • Plan review, design assistance, forensic consulting, recommendations, and repair.
  • Local focus with rapid response and unequaled customer service.

Based in the Richmond, Virginia area.
Providing Products and Services to the mid-Atlantic and Southeast.