Maintaining all types of Stormwater Facilities in the mid-Atlantic.

Bringing innovative, effective, and economic stormwater technology to Virginia.

Installing Stormwater Facilities in the Southeast.


As both the price of managing stormwater and the cost of failing to do so continue to rise, it’s become clear that something must change. We have to make a technological leap forward, utilizing new systems that remove more pollutants at a lower cost. While there’s no right way and no wrong way to make this leap, there is an EXACT way. Let us show you how.


Responsive Fair Price Great Work


Helping stormwater facility owners stay in compliance.

Helping contractors meet specifications and project intent by supplying quality stormwater products at lower cost.

Helping engineers meet regulations at the lowest life cycle cost.

Curb Screen

Keep trash and debris from entering your storm drain with Exact Curb Inlet Screen 2016.


Protect the low flow orifice of your pond with Exact DebriShield.


We have a generic equivalent to name-brand hydrodynamic separators called Hydroguard. This is an approved product listed on Virginia’s BMP Clearinghouse with over 100 installations in the Commonwealth.

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Certified Inspectors on staff providing written reports for all types of stormwater facilities.


Get your stormwater facilities operational again. Clearing inspection reports for clients across the mid-Atlantic.


Annual maintenance plans to keep your stormwater facilities functional and in compliance.

Helping owners and property managers keep their BMPs performing as designed, meeting regulations, and retaining their manufacturer's warranty.


As an installer of stormwater facilities, we know how they are designed, how they perform, and what can go wrong. We anticipate problems before they occur, and resolve them for incrementally less cost.


Testing of Stormwater BMPs to validate performance.