Stormwater Facility MAINTENANCE

Stormwater facilities come in many shapes and sizes - from above ground ponds to underground detention systems; from infiltration basins to bioretention; from tree boxes to hydrodynamic separators and stormwater filters. All of these have one thing in common - they require ongoing maintenance.

We can help:

  • create and perform a maintenance program that fits the needs of your property

  • rehabilitate a stormwater facility that has received a notice of violation

  • perform required annual inspections by DEQ certified stormwater inspectors

Exact Stormwater Management performs stormwater facility maintenance and inspections across the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond. Let us help you - contact us now.

Maintenance Brochure


Filterra Tree Box Filter

As the name-brand tree box stormwater filter, Filterra was introduced to Virginia many years ago.  We suggest routine annual maintenance on these systems or a multitude of costly issues can occur. Media contamination and overgrown trees are the most common issues that we deal with, and can lead to costly repairs up to replacing the entire system.


High-flow Biofilters

All rain gardens, including the high-flow FocalPoint, StormGarden, and BioPod biofilter systems, require annual maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Annual maintenance guarantees that these systems are allowing for the high flow rates and maximum pollutant extraction that they were designed to accommodate.


Underground Detention

Keep your underground stormwater detention, infiltration, and cistern systems working properly with regular inspections and required maintenance.  We perform inspections (including camera inspections) and maintenance on all underground detention systems including: R-Tank, RainTank, StormTech arch chambers, isolator rows, Cultec, pipe detention systems by Contech, ADS, Lane Enterprises, and others.


Stormwater POND, Detention Ponds, Wet Ponds

Stormwater ponds can be an effective and attractive method of managing water quality and flow. They require regular maintenance to remove sediment, keep inlets and outlets clear and free of debris, and properly maintain vegetation. Let us develop a routine maintenance program to protect your investment and keep your site beautiful.

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Sand/Cartridge Filters, Hydrodynamic Separators

We maintain all types of manufactured treatment devices (MTD’s) such as sand filters, cartridge filters like StormFilter, Bayfilter, Perk filter, Jellyfish filter, Modular Wetlands, and many others. We have industrial vacuums that remove sediment from these filters as well as hydrodynamic separators such as Hydroguard, Stormceptor, Contech CDS, Baysaver, First Defense, Aqua-Swirl, Downstream Defender, Vortechs, and others.

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